Do you have the mandatory gear?

The following equipment is required to have in the sled during the competition. See more information under rules.

  • Two snow hooks.
  • Maps/snowmobile trail maps.
  • Veterinarian handbook (will be distributed upon checking in).
  • Water cooker and pot, capable of heating a minimum of ½ litre. To be carried in the sled for the entire race.
  • Magnetic compass.
  • Snow shovel.
  • Axe or long knife (min. 20 cm blade)
  • Sleeping bag for extrem winter.
  • Extrem survival bag for extrem wheather.
  • Extra set of clothing.
  • First aid kit for musher and dogs.
  • Head lamp and batteries.
  • Matshes.
  • 8 socks/dog from every checkpoint, including the ones being used.
  • Reserve dog food, ½ kg per dog in the team at start. This food is to be packed, sealed and carried to the finish unopened, regardless the number of dogs dropped in the race.
  • The musher has to have food for min. 24 hours to him/herself in the sled at the finish.