A new club is born

NEWS!!! Following a meeting with the previous organisers of Tobacco Trail, a new Club is being formed, the TORNE RIVER Sleddog Club. The main goal of this Club is to promote the sport of mushing and in particular long distance mushing. We are really, really excited about the new Club and the 2017 Tobacco Trail race and we hope that you will support us in our efforts to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone. Membership details will be published as soon as we've finalised all of the official details. In the meantime, please add 25th-27th MARCH 2017 to your diary as next year's race dates. (We are starting on a Saturday next year so it will make things easier if your family and friends want to watch the start of the race and we can encourage more spectators and supporters from the local area too). We're very excited and proud to welcome you to our home of mushing in Kiruna.