The planning for the race in 2018 is already going on. Please book March 24th already now!

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Do you want to know who already has signed up for Tobacco Trail 2017?
Have a look under Regestration 2017!
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Introduction of a Junior race (ages 15-18 on the year of the event) –
88km total, from Luossavaara to Jäkkälä (44km) and back. Start at 16.00 on Saturday 25th March, arrive Jäkkälä, where teams stay overnight, and prepare for the return leg home starting at 07.00 on Sunday morning. The winner is calculated by total time taken on the trail. STARTING FEE 1000sek.
Shorter distance Limited Class (6-8 dogs)
174km from the start at Luossavaara toÖvre Soppero and back (87km+87km). Resting pot is a minimum of 6 hours mandatory rest at Övre Soppero, plus time adjustment. Start at 16.00 on Saturday 25th March. STARTING FEE 2000sek.
Open Class (8-14 dogs)
from the start at Luossavaara to Övre Soppero, on to Saivomuotka, then back to Övre Soppero II and finish at Luossavaara (87km+80km+80km+87km). There is 6 hours mandatory rest, plus time adjustment at Övre Soppero I (the first checkpoint) with no additional resting pot stated. Additional rest should be taken according to the need of your dog team, either at checkpoints or on the trail. This change has been introduced to encourage mushers to plan their own resting/racing strategy according to the training they have done and the needs of their dogs during the race, not just take the minimum rest stated. OUR GOAL IS TO HAVE MORE TEAMS CROSSING THE FINISH LINE WITH A FULL LINE-UP OF DOGS! Race vets will be checking the wellbeing of all teams during the race. Start at 14.00 Saturday 25th March. STARTING FEE 3500sek.

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