program 2017

friday, march 24

19.00    Mandatory mushers meeting at Café sport, Luossavaara

saturday, March 25

08.30   The Race office  will be open for delivering mandatory lists, check of veterinary papers,
                controlling and weighing of the mandatory extra-food for the dogs.
09.00    Veterinary controll 
14.00    First start-unlimited class
16.00    First start- limited class
                First start-junior class
19.00   First LDU teams arrive at Soppero I (predicted time)
21:00   First LDL teams arrive at Soppero I(predicted time)

Sunday, March 26

01:00   First LDU teams leave Soppeo I, heading for Saivomuotka(predicted time)
03:00   Fist LDL teams leave Soppero I, heading back to Luossabacken(predicted time)
06:30   First LDU teams arrive Saivomuotka(predicted time)
07:45-11:00 Finish LDL, Luossabacken

14:30    First LDU teams leave Saivomuotka, heading for Soppero II(predicted time)

16.00    Priceceremony and evaluationmeeting LDL, Café Sport
               Mushers dinner LDL Luossabacken

20:00   First LDU teams arrive to Soppero II(predicted time)
22:00    First LDU teams leave SopperoII, heading for Luossabacken(predicted time)

monday, march 27

04:30-12:00 Finish LDU, Luossabacken
16.00    Priceceremony and evaluationmeeting LDU, Café Sport
                Mushers dinner Café Sport