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stage 1: Kiruna, Café Sport Luossavaara -Övre Soppero 90 km

Start at Cafe Sport, Luossavaarabacken. Individual start with 2 minute intervals. The trail follows the edge of the mountain and cross-country trails, during Kurravaara road through the tunnel. Then goes down the Torne River and the next road tunnel before we pass the world famous ICEHOTEL. Approximately 2.5 km after the ICEHOTEL, we pass the road under another road tunnel and come out on a lake, which means about 7 km driving on ice. Then follows bog, forest and small lakes to Lainioälven. The final 1.5 km run along the river before we get to the checkpoint Övre Soppero 1 after 87 km. Here we have 6-hours mandatory rest.

Stage 2: Övre Sopper- Saivomoutka, 80 km

Etapp 2 är 80 km och man passerar Lannavaara efter ca 18 km och Sudjavaara efter ca 58 km - stora delar av sträckan mellan Lannavaara och Sudjavaara är väldigt väderutsatt - lite träd och lätt att det blir snödrev.
0-9  timmars vila i Saivomuotka

Stage 2: Saivomoutka- Övre Soppero, 80 km

Etapp 3 är samma väg tillbaka till Övre Soppero och sista 6 timmars vilan.

Etapp 4: Övre Soppero- Kiruna, Café Sport, Luossavaara, 90 km

The last stage is the same path that we started to Jukkasjarvi, but we pass the ICEHOTEL and continues toward the target at the Café Sport, Luossavaara.. Through the tunnel under Jukkasjärvi road and follow the river up direction Kurravaara but turn toward the target west of Latnivaara and west of Kaperasjärvi following the snowmobile trail, "renflyttningsleden" towards Luossavaara. Diverges from the hinge to pass during Kurravaara road through the tunnel. The track then goes the same way back to the finish in Luossavaara
Total sträcka 322 km